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Speaker Services

Dean Johnson now takes his motivating message for professional and student-athletes into the board room to inspire corporate leaders, sales representatives, and support team members.


Corporate Leaders & Team Members

Recently, Dean joined a team of high-producing real estate partners on their annual retreat. After spending a couple of days together, Dean now meets with this team regularly, bringing together partners and their assistants for an inspirational message.


Major League Baseball

For ten years, Dean has had the privilege of traveling into Minor League and Major League clubhouses performing electrifying "feats of strength," earning the attention of baseball's biggest names for the purpose of inspiring them to be champions both on and off the field!


Military - Yellow Ribbon Campaign

What once served as a symbol to "bring our troops home" now also serves as an emblem for suicide awareness for our US Military. One of Dean's greatest honors is being invited to speak to both veterans who are still trying to adapt to being off the battlefield and to young troops right before their first deployment.


Inspring Future Athletes

One of the things Dean looks forward to is inspiring young people involved in local sports organizations. Partnering with Virticle Sports (Maui), Upward Sports (throughout Northern California), About Kidz, Little League Teams, and other youth sports programs has become a highlight.


Prisoners and their Families

For over 9 years, Dean has been going into prisons throughout California to bring his message of purpose to those in the darkest of places. He is also a part of a football combine held every August at Standford University, specifically for youth of incarcerated parents.


Community Events

Bringing hope to a local community is one of the biggest passions of Victory 4 Youth.  Joining local organizations, making a difference through community events for families and youth, and meeting the needs of the local community is something our team looks forward to.

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