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In an electrifying school assembly program attended by over a million students throughout the country, Victory 4 Youth founder Dean Johnson effectively combines attention-grabbing "feats of strength" with an even more powerful message of conquering the walls that had been placed in his life, from childhood and even into his young adult years. Dean now stands victorious over the past and he inspires others to look toward a future full of hope.


Grabbed the attention...

“He came out in a green track suit. A minute later, he had crushed a can of soda in a sticky explosion of corn syrup. It definitely grabbed the attention of all the students at the assembly held at White Pine High School on Tuesday morning. That was exactly his intention.” 

— The Ely Times

    Ely, Nevada)

Encouraging Words ...

"Johnson’s speech ended on an emotional note of talking about how many girls sell themselves short because they are looking for love. He talked about how girls today get hurt and broken from untrue love and bad relationships.

His technique of mixing encouraging words and examples of extreme strength seems to be effective so far. Johnson’s résumé includes visiting Cambodia every year to speak to people about the importance of trusting each other right.  He talks to girls and women who are in prostitution there to give them encouraging words and urge them away from that lifestyle."

— The Sonoma State Star

(Rohnert Park, CA)

Richly inspiring ...

"Your presentation was so engaging that it fully held their interest, and when you were wrapping up the assembly, they were begging for more! It was richly inspiring!"

— Elementary School Principle

(Salt Lake City, UT)         

Inspiring people across the country

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