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See more about the Victory 4 Youth School Assembly program.

School Administrators

See what School Administrators have to say about the Victory 4 Youth Assembly Program.

From Students

Read stories we have received from students who have attended a
Victory 4 Youth School Assembly.


School Assembly Program

"This I've Gotta See" ~ Dean Johnson

Because of Dean's ability to capture an audience using his stories of victory in a passionate, heartfelt communication style, he can successfully win the attention and favor of students and school faculty wherever he goes. For nearly 15 years, Victory 4 Youth has been able to inspire students of all ages to believe, not only in themselves but in each other, and has motivated them to make right choices and begin to dream again. See for yourself why this highly recommended presentation is being praised by school administrators and why students themselves are saying to Dean, "Today you changed my life!"



We believe there is greatness in every student and are here to bring it out in them!

suicide prevention


Dean personally knows what it is to sit in a classroom wondering why he is there as he struggled to find a reason to live. Now he helps students find hope (exepectation of good things to come).

diversity eQUITY

As a visual display of unity, our team demonstrates that when people from all walks of life come together in our differences we are able to conquer any obstical we face.

Alcohol Prevention

Our team members speak from real life experience of gang affiliation and substance abuse, encouraging students to say no to gangs and drugs and yes to a bright future.

Topics We Speak To

Topics We DO NOT speak to:

We do not use political or religious overtones

We do not address controversial subjects

Assembly Packet

Download our latest School Assembly Packet for more details and to see what other school Principals and Administrators are saying.

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