Growing up with no father, Dean knows first-hand what it is to be lost with no hope for a future and full of pain. He understands the struggle of students today who are lacking leadership and guidance and how that void shows itself through hurt, anger and low self-esteem. Struggling throughout middle and high school, Dean entered his young adult years believing that life is pain and pain is life until he had given up on all hope for a bright future. He has turned those struggles into victories and is a true believer in the power of a dream.

   Today, Dean travels across the country and around the world delivering, to students, the inspiration and encouragement he wished was given to him to pursue his purpose with a passion. Dean tackles the tough issues facing today’s  youth such as bullying, poor self-image and overcoming adversity in a radical and relevant way that students are saying, "you're telling us everything our parents and teachers have been saying but in a way we can relate to it!"