Born and raised in Southern California, Dean lost his father at the age of one. As he was moving into the sixth grade, gang violence began to invade the area motivating his mom to move Dean and his older brother to the Sacramento area. Struggling throughout middle and high school, Dean entered his young adult years believing that life is pain and pain is life until he had given up on all hope for a bright future. He got caught up in the things he thought would bring happiness back into his life; making money, attaining possessions and gaining the acceptance of others.

Now Dean Johnson is the founder of Victory 4 Youth and has been motivating people of all ages since 2004. He travels with a team of athletes called Radical Reality, bringing a message of hope and positive self-esteem to over 250,000 young people each year in high school and junior high school assemblies across the nation. He has had the privilege of motivating professional sports teams such as the Sacramento River Cats, Boston Red Sox, Seattle Mariners, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Royals, Anaheim Angels, Chicago Cubs and is a part of the chapel team of the Oakland A's. Dean has spoken inside Folsom Prison, to the Cambodian military as well as the Royal Family, but finds his greatest reward standing before students in public school assemblies. Dean knows firsthand what it is to be lost with no hope for a future and full of anger. He has turned those failures into victories.

Today, Dean travels across the country and around the world delivering the inspiration and encouragement he wished was given to him to pursue his purpose with a passion.