In an electrifying school assembly program attended by over a million students throughout the country, Victory 4 Youth founder Dean Johnson effectively combines attention-grabbing "feats of strength" with an even more powerful message of conquering the walls that had been placed in his life, from childhood and even into his young adult years. Dean now stands victorious over the past and he inspires others to look toward a future full of hope.

Because of Dean's ability to capture an audience using his stories of victory in a passionate, heartfelt communication style, he can successfully win the attention and favor of students and school faculty wherever he goes. For nearly 9 years, Victory 4 Youth has been able to inspire students of all ages to believe, not only in themselves but in each other, and has motivated them to make right choices and begin to dream again. See for yourself why this highly recommended presentation is being praised by school administrators and why students themselves are saying to Dean, "Today you changed my life!"

This I’ve Gotta See!!!
— Dean Johnson