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"Thank you so much for the incredible assembly! The children talked about it for weeks after! Your presentation was so engaging that it fully held their interest, and when you were wrapping up the assembly, they were begging for more! It was richly inspiring! When the students saw the visual display of the soda pop can, the rolled frying pan, and the bent steel rod it brought back to them their interest and excitement during the assembly, and, more importantly, the visual reminder helped them remember the message you shared of hope, and claiming their own personal victory! So, thank you so very much for coming to West Valley to share your inspiring message to our wonderful students! It was an assembly we will all never forget!!"
- Elementary School Principal (Salt Lake City, UT)


Dean kicked off our Red Ribbon Week Ceremonies for the three schools in our county and he captivated our students with his presentation. He tells it like it is and it is exactly what young people need to hear. Dean connects with the students during the presentation and then stays after to talk individually with any students who may have a question or a need. If you are looking for a difference maker then look no further!!!! 
- Tim Smith, Principal
South Side High School (Bee Branch, Arkansas)